Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Race Change!

When I came back to World of Warcraft from Star Wars The Old Republic, I switched servers to join some old raiding buddies. In the process, I race changed my Paladin to a Tauren. 

This is something I had always wanted to do, but by the time they announced Sunwalkers, SWTOR was already in my thinking and I didn't see the point in putting money into a game I was getting ready to leave. Then my guild switched to Alliance midway through Firelands, and I changed to playing my Hunter as my main and it simply wasn't an option anymore.

I much preferred the SunWalker take on the Paladin as sun powered druids over the Blood Elves sucking dry a Naaru. I leveled through 85 to 90 as a Tauren and even did the first couple of raid nights. I had reclaimed my spot in the tanking corps, and when you are Horde, Tauren means Tank.

But as we started raiding, I noticed I was having more trouble than usuals. I wasn't sure if it was age starting to catch up with me, or what. The Tauren model is big, really big. He eats up a good deal of screen real estate. His size also makes him feel ponderous and slow. The final straw was my transmog gear, especially my beloved Tier 6, looked awful on him.

I decided to go back to a Blood Elf. 

 I really wish Blizzard had done more to update the lore on the Blood Knights in the wake of the events at the Sunwell. But from what I've gathered, Blood Knights are now powered by the Sunwell directly. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of role Lor'themar takes in the lore as we move through the expansion.

I've been very happy with the decision. The Blood Elf model looks great (of course it would!) and almost immediately I felt my performance improving in our raids.

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